A few years ago Steve was asked by a local farmer to do a painting of himself and his son on the farm. William and his wife Hilda have lived in the Champagne Valley for several years and they run a little farm stall called “Hillbillies”. Although it was a long time coming, Steve  finally […]


Those of you who have visited us for a holiday or just to “come and look”  will, most likely, have come across our very special little Jack Russell, Muthi. Muthi originally belonged to our neighbours, but about 12 years ago he decided to come and live with us. It might have been because of the […]


We’ve had a couple of special guests visiting us lately.  The first was a very tame reedbuck which was feasting on my roses (again!).  No wonder you don’t see any more beautiful blooms!  And the second was Comrades runner, Sarah Bard from USA, who came fourth in this year’s race.  It was her first Comrades […]


Mother Nature has divided the Earth into four different seasons. And each season comes with its own particular beauty, as well as some challenges.  One of the most beautiful seasons is Autumn, with its brilliant colours. But it only lasts a short while, before winter sets in with its cold and drought.   Thankfully, this too […]

Happy Guests

You can’t please everybody ……  but, happily, we can say that we have pleased 99.9% of our guests.  Something I really enjoy is that people who come to visit are always pleasantly surprised and we’ve so often heard the comment: “This is so much better than the website!”  “Your website doesn’t do you justice”.  Rather […]

Our Beginning

Welcome to the first ever Inkunzi Cave blog !!  First on two counts – first for Inkunzi Cave and first for me !!  Reminds me of the Beatles song “When I’m 64” ….  I never dreamt I’d be writing “blogs” at 64!  But, we’re never too old to learn, and we have to move with […]